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Here is what others are saying about Profit Inception Project.


“Thank you for providing what every Procurement expert needs without the overhead of creating various templates and workflows from scratch. I have quite a collection but felt it was time to refresh, and your ebooks and handbooks accomplished that.” – J. O’Brien, US


“Consistent documentation is a key to our delivering great purchasing and project management services. Profit Inception’s products allowed us to create consistent, high-quality project procurement documents in significantly less time. Well worth the small investment.” – L. Leroy, Canada


“I want to thank you for the great templates, they are all really useful.” – M. Comas, Spain


“Thank you very much. It did not take me long to decide to purchase your books. A lot of effort and practical details went into the purchased products and I appreciate the low cost of obtaining them. I have seen similar forms selling for $270! I am starting out and I am glad I found your web site as searching for free templates was becoming a chore. Now, I have a solid toolkit of templates pertaining to tendering processes and category managememnt to pull from.” – O. Tunner, UK


“We have used several recommendations and forms from your handbooks for our projects, modifying them to fit our particular needs. I think this has been the best product for the cost we have ever purchased.” – J. Sanders, Singapore


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