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Category Management Handbook

What’s the most time-consuming aspect of any project lifecycle and procurement processes within? If you’re like most procurement and project managers, you immediately thought of documentation. If you typically spend hours hunting for strategies, action plans and templates or building them from scratch, prepare to change the way you look at procurement and Category Management setup.

To learn more, read through the entire description to find out how this Category Management Handbook can help you streamline your procurement management practices.

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As a procurement manager and/or expert, your success hinges on using the least amount of time and resources to achieve your objectives. Easier said than done, right? Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to manage your procurement activity efficiently. We’ve hand-picked a suite of over 180 pages of practical instructions and guidelines, as well as forms, models and templates to help you accomplish more with less.

About this Ebook

The Category Management Handbook reflects international standard practices when it comes to handle Category Management and/or manage various procurement and tendering processes.


  • A clear layout of the examination process for CM;
  • A step-by-step roadmap for handling procurement & tendering processes within CM;
  • A checklist of drafting recommendations;
  • Ready-to-use model forms.

Why choose our PM Toolkit for your procurement and Category Management documentation needs?

  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Easy to use, with instructional text along the way
  • Packed with advanced features
  • Equipped with graphs, charts, fields, embedded objects, and tables
  • Designed to save you time and money
  • Last but not least, allows you to impress customers and your line management with professional looking and comprehensive documents.

Your time is too valuable to spend hours searching the Internet or building your own procurement, tendering and Category Management documents from scratch. With the power of our Category Management Handbook, you’ll get professional, high-quality results at a fraction of the time and cost.

There are no similar bundles of Category Management templates available elsewhere. Moreover, the costs which any consulting companies would charge your organization for similar endeavors amounts to some astronomical figures of dozens of thousands of dollars. Thanks to our day-jobs and limited marketing budget, we are able to offer this Category Management Handbook for $17.00 (instead of $37.00 as initially benchmarked by the publishers).

Feel confident purchasing the Category Management Handbook knowing your online transaction is secure and the Ebook comes with the best guarantee in our market. If you are not 100% satisfied we will provide a full refund within a grace period of 30 (thirty) calendar days starting with the purchase date.

Ready to get started? Check out some tables of contents of our Category Management Handbook.

Table of Contents

Author’s and Publisher’s note: Disclaimer & Privacy

Table of Figures


About the author

Abstract and purpose of the Category Management Handbook

Category Management (CM)

Overview of the new organization

Basic Procurement responsibilities

CM within your organization

CM concept & rationale

Definition Category taxonomy

CM teams / cross-functional teams

Decision body and reporting structure

Roles & Responsibilities

Category Cluster Manager

Category Expert / Senior Expert

The Procurement Triangle and interfaces

Interface between CM and Operational Procurement

Interface between CM and Project Procurement

CM process

CM Set-Up Phase

Category Strategy development and implementation

Supplier Relationship Management

Contract Owner

Contract Holder

Controlling &Measuring

Instead of Epilogue – A Thank You Page


Categories Breakdown

Correspondence between Category Groups and IPA Level 2

Lever Workshop

Forms, Templates and Models to be used in CM process


Table of Figures

Figure 1 CM Implementation phasing; Figure 2 Category Management; Figure 3 Category Management breakdown; Figure 4 Category structure for “Technical Equipment and Services (TES)”; Figure 5 Category Cluster consolidated breakdown; Figure 6 : Cross-functional teams; Figure 7 Example of cross-functional teams; Figure 8: Sourcing Councils; Figure 9: CM as part of the Procurement Triangle; Figure 10: Process flow – CM and Operational Procurement interfaces; Figure 11 : Link between CM and Project Procurement; Figure 12: Process flow – CM and Project Procurement interfaces; Figure 13: CM process; Figure 14: Templates used in CM Set-up Phase; Figure 15: Category Strategy development and implementation process; Figure 16: Prioritization of Categories – example; Figure 17: Overview of levers used in Lever Workshops; Figure 18: Improvement levers and expected savings quantification templates; Figure 19: Supplier profiles and Market intelligence templates (examples); Figure 20: Supplier selection criteria and Time plane templates (examples); Figure 21: Supplier Relationship Management in Category Management (1/2); Figure 22: Supplier Relationship Management in Category Management (2/2); Figure 23: Stages of the Contractor HSSE Management Process; Figure 24: RAPID principle example; Figure 25: Controlling and Measuring in Category Management; Figure 26: Lever 1 – Pooling of demand; Figure 27: Lever 2 – Price evaluation; Figure 28: Lever 3 – Optimization of supplier base; Figure 29: Lever 4: Product/ Program optimization; Figure 30: Lever 5 – Process improvement; Figure 31: Lever 6 – Optimization of Supplier Relationship; Figure 32: Lever 7 – Commodity spanned leverage; Figure 33: Example of levers chosen for Water Treatment Chemicals;

Forms, Models and Templates to be used in Category Management and Tendering processes

Prequalification and Bidders List

   – Notification of Interest

   – Response to Notification of Interest

   – Prequalification Questionnaire / RFI

   – Code of Conduct

   – HSSE questionnaire

   – Scoring Sheet (selection criteria)

   – Qualified Supplier Letter

   – Non-Qualified Supplier Letter

   – Prequalification Summary – Bidders Selection

   – Bidders list

Strategy approval in Sourcing Council – Tender Initialization

   – Tender Initialization Request

Inquiry placing – Invitation to bid (ITB)

Section 1. Instructions to Bidders

   – Invitation to Bid – Cover Letter

   – Instructions to Bidders

   – Acknowledgement form / confirmation of receipt

   – Confidentiality Declaration

   – Confidentiality Agreement

Section 2. Technical Specifications (Scope of Work)

   – Technical / Business specifications / SOW / TOR

Section 3. Bid submission forms

   – Bid Submission Form

   – Company Data (general information about the Bidder)

   – Technical Proposal conformity statement form

   – General Conditions of purchase of your company

   – Bank Letter of Performance Guarantee (if applicable)

   – Statement of non-conviction (if applicable)

   – Declaration of Subcontractor (if applicable)

Section 4. Commercial Documents

   – Financial Proposal conformity statement form

Q&A sheet

Amendment of Bidding documents

Tender Deviation Request

Bid opening and evaluation

   – Bids opening protocol

   – Request for Clarification Notice

   – Scoring sheet

   – Awarding protocol / Final Evaluation Report

   – Successful Candidate Letter

   – Unsuccessful Candidates Letter / Rejection Letter

Category Management Handbook, Profit Inception Project (part of MV Group), Revised Edition: 2017; 174 pages.

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  • iPad
  • PC (Windows,Mac)
  • E-readers with Adobe Digital
  • Sony Reader
  • Cool-er Reader
  • Nook
  • Kobo Reader
  • iRiver Story
  • Any other mobile devices

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4 replies

  1. Reverting to an inquiry pertaining to the applied thresholds for CM’s involvement, we would like to point that there is no “golden rule” and that such thresholds are usually established by different organization in a different manner (i.e. it depends on such factors as the scale of the business, strategic interests, cash flow capabilities and set-up power of attorneys, etc) and relates rather to the split of responsibility between, for instance Operational Procurement and Category Management.
    We might attempt, however to advise you on the setup from below which shows an example of thresholds where Category Management’s mandate of responsibility could enter into force.
    Hope that this information is helpful and if not, please don’t hesitate to revert to us. We would be happy to help with your CM endeavors.
    Thank you and Best regards,
    Your Profit Inception Project Team

    Thresholds (example)
    Alignment of defined categories and thresholds from Category Management to Operational Procurement illustrated below:

    Category Cluster Category Group Threshold
    Technical Equipment & Services (TES) – Rotating equipment 400.000 USD
    – MSR & Analytical 100.000 USD
    – Electrical 100.000 USD
    Construction & Auxiliary Work (COX) – Civil Works 400.000 USD
    – Construction Materials 100.000 USD
    – Auxiliary Works 100.000 USD
    – Containers 100.000 USD
    – Testing & Final Inspection 100.000 USD
    – Cranes 400.000 USD
    Piping & Static Equipment (PSE) – Static Equipment 400.000 USD
    – Furnaces 400.000 USD
    – Piping 400.000 USD
    – Steel 400.000 USD
    – Insulation 100.000 USD
    Chemicals (CHE) – Chemicals 100.000 USD
    Logistic & Related Services (LRS) – Rail 400.000 USD
    – Road 400.000 USD
    – Ship / Barges 400.000 USD
    – Services 400.000 USD
    – Vehicles 400.000 USD
    Filling Station & Retail Related Services (RET) – Filling station 400.000 USD
    IT & Communication (ITC) – IT 50.000 USD
    – Telecommunication 50.000 USD
    Business Services (BSE) – Communication 100.000 USD
    – Consulting & Interim Mgmt 100.000 USD
    – HR 100.000 USD
    – Facility Management 100.000 USD
    – HSSE 100.000 USD
    – Travel 100.000 USD
    – Banking & Insurance 100.000 USD
    – Utilities 400.000 USD
    – Packaging 100.000 USD
    Drilling Materials & Equipments (DME) – Drilling Mat. & Equipments 400.000 USD
    Well Relates Services (WRS) – Well Related Services 400.000 USD
    Well Completion (WCO) – Well Completion 400.000 USD
    Production (PRO) – Production 400.000 USD
    Engineering – Engineering 100.000 USD

  2. Having practiced and taught “Category Management”, and before that, “Trade Marketing” in Australia where this all started as a result of two retailers having 75% of FMCG sales, the handbook looks to be very comprehensive.
    Well done.

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