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Ten Basic Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility

oil-pump-jack-sunset-clouds-silhouette-162568The values which your organization stands for and feels bound by have to be summarized in your corporate mission statement. It expresses your commitment to the pursuit of sustainable business policies aimed at ensuring profitable growth, while at the same time acknowledging your social and economic responsibility.

This conception of your role has to be clearly reflected in corporate behavior that is based on the basic principles mandated by your company’s code of conduct. Far from being a how-to manual of useful tips for specific business situations, the code of conduct is a set of basic principles covering every aspect of organizational approach to corporate social responsibility.

In view of actual markets ongoing rapid expansion, it is all the more important to you that every team member/employee/peer & colleague should be familiar with your values and complies with them. These principles do not replace your organization’s code of conduct or your internal regulations. Rather, it is intended as a clear and simple introduction to the behavioral principles which you should expect your employees to abide by. By doing so you help promote the kind of corporate culture that sets you apart and of which you can all be truly proud.

Find enclosed now an example of some driving value which shall be carefully considered by all of us.

Advisable Driving Values:

Your 3 driving forces for sustainable growth could be…

1. Pioneers

Spirit of change for continuous development

We explore, we move, we grow

Pro-active mobility and openness to change are the basis of your strength. You explore development potential and take courageous decisions to create business opportunities in your selected markets: through new ideas, successful technologies and profitable growth. Your focus is the combination of economic success with the best solutions for today and tomorrow.

2. Professionals

Professional excellence for lasting success

We learn, we perform, we succeed

Continuous learning, high performance and personal commitment are the sources for your professional excellence. You strive to achieve excellence in expertise, processes and leadership. You concentrate on your goals and find synergies to be amongst the front-runners of the market. Your aim is to foster professional development for long-term profitability.

3. Partners

Responsible relationships for mutual benefit

We respect, we connect, we care

Fairness, responsibility and respect are the core of your relationships with all your stakeholders: customers, employees, stockholders, and society in general. You seek lasting relationships and gain trust through open communication, reliability and successful intercultural cooperation. Your aim is to create an environment of mutual benefit through social and economic partnerships respecting the ecological issues of our times.

Ten Principles:

  1. In order to contribute to your company’s success, your performance is characterized by innovative thinking and pro-active implementation, and you are profit-oriented and cost-conscious.
  2. Your employees are hired and promoted based solely on their qualifications, skills and performance.
  3. You are an equal opportunity employer, and you give your employees the chance to develop their skills.
  4. You do not behave arrogantly towards people from foreign countries and cultures, you respect national cultures and local mentalities, and you strictly comply with a country’s national laws and legal decisions and all internal guidelines in alignment with human rights.
  5. You apply proven, economically balanced technological standards and accept your responsibility for the health and safety of your workforce. In performing their jobs your employees are responsible for promoting work safety and active environmental protection.
  6. You are loyal to your company and demonstrate personal integrity in all your activities. You disclose conflicts of interest by immediately informing your supervisors. This also applies to side jobs which potentially could lead to such conflicts.
  7. You do not offer, promise, pay or demand bribes to secure an unfair advantage. Persons contracted to act on your company’s behalf are fairly compensated in line with international standards and are paid exclusively for legitimate services.
  8. You apply proper business practices to protect consumers and in the interest of fair competition. You avoid agreements that could violate the rules of fair and effective competition.
  9. Financial support for politicians or political organizations is potentially open to misinterpretation. Therefore you maintain political neutrality and do not make donations to campaigns for public or political office, or to political parties.
  10. You conduct your business activities in an open, honest and transparent manner, without violating standards of confidentiality. Your attitude towards your stakeholders is pro-active and based on dialogue and consensus.

The UN Global Compact proposes the following ten principles, which you are also encouraged to hereby adopt:

  1. To support and respect the protection of international human rights within your sphere of influence
  2. To make sure that you are not complicit in human rights abuses
  3. To uphold freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
  4. To work for the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor
  5. To work for the effective abolition of child labor
  6. To support the elimination of discrimination with respect to employment and occupation
  7. To support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  8. To undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  9. To encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies
  10. To work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

In your activities and within your sphere of influence you are advised to accept the ten principles of the UN Global Compact without reservation, and to respect them to the best of your understanding and ability.


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