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Procurement Strategy – Professional guide (EBook)

“All I had done was to improve on their strategy, and it was the beginning of a very important lesson in life – that anytime you find someone more successful than you are, especially when you’re both engaged in the same business – you know they’re doing something that you aren’t.”

he strategies which are set down in this book are not mere theories or guesswork. They work like magic. Incredible as it sounds, I have seen the applications of these principles literally revolutionize the purchasing efficiency of many organizations.

As such, the sole purpose of this book is to help you discover, develop and profit by those dormant and unused assets of your organization. For “the great aim of education,” said Herbert Spencer, “is not knowledge but action”.

And this is an action book.

Bernard Shaw once remarked: “If you teach a man anything, he will never learn.” Shaw was right. Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. So, if you desire to master the principles you are reading in this book, do something about them. Apply these principles at every opportunity in your business endeavors. If you don’t, you will forget them quickly. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind. So, as you read this book, remember that you are not merely trying to acquire information. You are attempting to form new habits within your own organization. Ah yes, you are attempting a new way of conducting procurement businesses. That will require time and persistence and daily application.

But this is where we step in by offering to our readers this working handbook to help you solve your daily business problems.


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Category Management Handbook

What’s the most time-consuming aspect of any project lifecycle and procurement processes within? If you’re like most procurement and project managers, you immediately thought of documentation. If you typically spend hours hunting for strategies, action plans and templates or building them from scratch, prepare to change the way you look at procurement and Category Management setup. To learn more, read through the entire description to find out how this Category […]

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Supplier Relationship Management (Database)

Have you ever wondered which company is most suitable, reliable and trustworthy to perform any specific job with Oil&Gas (downstream/upstream) and or other Energy sector? Have you ever considered which company is doing what, but never got the chance to have these information in one single place compiled in an integrated manner? Did your experience troubles pre-qualifying and assembling bidders lists based on geographical spread for any  particular project and/or […]

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Ten Basic Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility

The values which your organization stands for and feels bound by have to be summarized in your corporate mission statement. It expresses your commitment to the pursuit of sustainable business policies aimed at ensuring profitable growth, while at the same time acknowledging your social and economic responsibility. This conception of your role has to be clearly reflected in corporate behavior that is based on the basic principles mandated by your […]

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Procurement Controlling Manual

The development of an organization is extensively linked to competent decision making and strategy implementation pertaining to procurement endeavors. This becomes even more critical also due to market competition and cost pressures which remain constant or increase. The most beneficial approach to tackle this situation is to monitor the procurement process by some appropriate and well-defined reporting and controlling systems. Procurement Controlling Manual is designed to respond to the following […]

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The Only 100 Words You Should Read Today

Finding success is all about taking action. You can read all you want, but nothing will happen until you execute. That is why today, I’m cutting this post short. Instead of reading my content, I want you to do something instead – right now. Do something for your business, blog or life that will get you moving forward and help you reach your goals. All I ask is that you […]

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Contract Strategy Recommender (INTERACTIVE Electronic Business Case Simulator incl. Instructions eBook)

Get your copy now of one of the most user-friendly INTERACTIVE Contract Strategy Recommender (CSR) used within major multinational companies from Oil&Gas, Metallurgical, and other industries as a reliable and practical advisory tool in their daily project management and procurement endeavors.  Regardless of the fact whether you are in beneficiary’s/principal’s/client’s/customer’s seat, or the one of the vendor/supplier, by purchasing this product you are opening basically one of the “Pandora’s Boxes” […]

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